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Tables, Chairs and Dressers - Regency Furniture (1811-1820)

Prince George became Regent from 1811-1820 - this was a period of classical furniture. Regency furniture was the neoclassical antique style mixed with empire style and the later Georgian style of furniture, elaborate and ornate.

The regency style of furniture carried on through William IV's reign but introduced a few more curves and some elegant decoration. It became fashionable to copy the classical Roman and Greek furniture incorporating lions heads, winged griffins and Roman Gods. The settee returned to a couch with scrolled ends supported by a sphinx head on lions legs.

Mahogany was still used by most furniture makers and brass was used for decoration with rosewood and zebrawood veneers used for a striking look. French polishing came into vogue around 1810 and allowed for smoother, shinier finishes.

During the Regency period, it became fashionable to decorate walls with paintings which led to lower pieces of furniture being introduced. Tallboys disappeared and bookcases and cabinets became smaller.