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Must Try Harder
by William Bromley


Must Try Harder by William Bromley.  Signed and dated 1869.  A quintessential painting by this well established British painter showing the realities and discipline of early teaching.


Victorian 1837-1901


William Bromley

Canvas Dimensions
71.1 cms High ( 28 inches)
91.4 cms Wide ( 36 inches)

Frame Dimensions
87.6 cms High ( 34.5 inches)
108.0 cms Wide ( 42.5 inches)
7.0 cms Deep ( 2.75 inches)

Artist Bio:

William Bromley, British : 1835 - 1888 

William Bromley was a London historical and genre painter who was the grandson of William Bromley, the engraver. Bromley was a prolific exhibitor at Suffolk Street, where he displayed over 187 works. He also exhibited at the Royal Academy and the British Institution between 1844 and 1870.

Bromley was a clever draughtsman and good painter, who improved upon the landscape genre of his time by means of placing his figures in such a way that the action was concentrated, and the point of his anecdote invariably realised.

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