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Heros Return
by Jan Czeslaw Moniuszko dated 1900


"Hero's Return" oil on canvas by Polish artist Jan Czeslaw Moniuszko.  Signed and dated MCM (1900).

Arguably one of his best compositions and paintings.



Jan Czeslaw Moniuszko

Canvas Dimensions
65.4 cms High ( 25.75 inches)
100.3 cms Wide ( 39.5 inches)

Frame Dimensions
78.1 cms High ( 30.75 inches)
113.0 cms Wide ( 44.5 inches)
7.0 cms Deep ( 2.75 inches)

Artist Bio:

J C Moniuszko was a Polish Artist 1853 - 1908.  

Jan Czeslaw Moniuszko Born in 1853 in Vinius, died in 1908 in Warsaw.   A Polish painter dealing with genre painting. He was the son of the composer  Stanislaw Moniuszko (1819-1872).

From 1858, together with his parents, he lived in Warsaw. From 1871, he studied painting in the Drawing Class with Wojciech Gerson and Aleksander Kaminski.   From 1878, he continued his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in St Petersburg and after graduation he returned to Warsaw.

He made his debut in 1879 at the exhibition at the  Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts in Warsaw with the painting "The First Meeting of Jadwiga with Jagiello". He also participated in painting exhibitions in  Lodz, Krakow and Kiev.

He mainly dealt with genre painting, depicting characters in Polish nobility costumes and costumes of the Rococo period.  
He also created paintings with historical and religious content. In 1905, the Warsaw Art Salon hosted an individual exhibition covering about 50 of his works.

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