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Happy Go Lucky
by Alexander Millar


Happy Go Lucky by the Scottish Contemporary artist, Alexander Millar.  Signed in the bottom right hand corner.  This is a fine example of the "Gadgies" paintings that Alexander Millar has become known for.




Alexander Millar

Canvas Dimensions
61.0 cms High ( 24 inches)
50.8 cms Wide ( 20 inches)

Frame Dimensions
73.0 cms High ( 28.75 inches)
62.9 cms Wide ( 24.75 inches)
5.1 cms Deep ( 2 inches)

Artist Bio:

Alexander Millar was born in 1960 into the small mining community of Springside, a few miles outside the town of Kilmarnock on the West Coast of Scotland.  His formative years were spent in the company of old men dressed in dark suits smoking woodbines partnered with large missile-shaped women decked out in headscarves and pinnies. His father worked for British Rail and Millar got great pleasure from simply sitting in the atmospheric steam filled stations.   As a child Millar was always fascinated by the small details he saw in everyday life and would stand in awe at something as insignificant as an old man getting off a bike, an old woman with bad hips struggling on and off the bus, “or the way the street drunk would stand at the corner of the local pub armed with a fish supper negotiating a chip to land somewhere in the region of his mouth without getting brown sauce all down his front or getting the chip stuck up his nose, like some lunar docking mission that was about to be aborted.”

Millar left school in 1976 and eventually fled Springside to set himself up in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.    Here he discovered that Newcastle had, and still has, its fair share of characters locally known as 'Gadgies' which fed him much inspiration later on in life when he finally discovered his destiny as an artist.  In 1988 Millar finally settled down to become a professional artist.  Millar is completely self-taught and uses images remembered from his childhood as models in his paintings.

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