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An Appetising Dish
by Edwin Thomas Roberts


An Appetising Dish, signed and dated 1898. A particularly fine example of Edwin Thomas Roberts at his best when painting old gentleman. This gentleman is enjoying a plate full of pigs trotters, a delicacy that is rarely enjoyed today.  Roberts ability to capture the character of the person he is painting along with his technical skill, a few strokes of the brush to paint a glass that you almost feel you could pick up.  Paintings of this subject by Roberts are highly sought after.


Victorian 1837-1901


Edwin Thomas Roberts

Canvas Dimensions
76.2 cms High ( 30 inches)
63.5 cms Wide ( 25 inches)

Frame Dimensions
102.9 cms High ( 40.5 inches)
90.2 cms Wide ( 35.5 inches)
10.2 cms Deep ( 4 inches)

Artist Bio:

Edwin Thomas Roberts was born in London in the 1840 and died in 1917.  He was the son of Thomas Edward Roberts who also was an artist.  Roberts regularly used children in his artworks and he portrayed them in a charming and idealistic manner.  This style of art proved to be enormously popular with the Victorian public of the day and his work is still widely admired today as it represented the golden age of Victorian art and sentimentality. 

Roberts works are now highly sought after and are increasing in value.


Suffolk Street : 1862-1886
Royal Academy : 1882-1884

Works exhibited: 

Works include: Newlyn SceneNaval ManoeuvresThere´s Many a Wile Lies Hid in a SmileThe ProfessorThe Dishonoured BillPolly, What's the Time (1884) 

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